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Making a Splash with Space: Colors for Room Expansion

A blue container in front of a kitchen in the background with a colorful designed wall, also shows a kitchen hood, stove, and utensils.

It’s no secret that homes and apartments in Ocean & Monmouth Counties, and beyond, come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them could benefit from a few tricks to create a more spacious feel. Luckily, a well-chosen palette has the power to dramatically change the perception of your room’s size, all without the need […]

Troubleshooting Common DIY Paint Problems

A white painted wall, with cracks forming across the right side.

Painting is an art that requires precision, technique, and a deep understanding of materials and surfaces. Whether you’re attempting a DIY project at home or seeking professional help for a larger-scale project, everyone encounters painting problems at some point. At Carfagno Professional Painting, we’ve turned problem-solving into a science. Using our extensive experience in the […]

Home Paint Trends of 2023: Exploring the Latest in Colors, Finishes, and Textures

Shows a bench with pillows stage on top, large plants, and a privacy barrier all in front of a painted wall. The image is lit with a warm yellow light.

Ring in the New Year and transform your interiors with the top trends of the season! Making your home look its best can be difficult, so we at Carfagno Painting are here to lend a helping hand. This year, elemental shades from mountain and glacier greys to grounding terracottas brought incredible transformative power to every […]

Top 5 Benefits Of Interior Painting

Classic style interior with a unique clock and a painted brick wall design.

Why should you paint the interior of your home? If you’re considering painting the inside of your home, you may be wondering what benefits it can offer. While there are many potential benefits to interior painting, lets start with five of the top reasons why we have seen our customers choose to paint their homes: […]